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Serchen All Around chords - Ranch Hand Band

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                Capo 2

Cadd9, G, C, Am

Cadd9                               G 
Serchin all aroung trien to find who I am 

            C                         Am
Well Im still in school but Im almost on my own

        Cadd9             G
Tellin me collage so I can make something of myself 

   C                                    Am
But they don't know me and they don't know my dreams


  Cadd9                                                          G
The practice pen is where you will find me worken with my horse 

   C                             Am
Tryin to be the best tryin to beat the rest


   Cadd9                               G
Dreaming of Cheyenne, dreaming of Houston,

    C                                   Am
Dreaming of san anton, dreaming of denver 

  Cadd9                                  G      C                                 Am
Theres only one way to do it ill have to load up my old stick head down this old road and 

Hit up the rodeo trail


  Cadd9                                    G 
Serchen all around but I thank I found who I am 

                     C                    Am
Cause the rodeo life is the only one I can live

       C                                   Am
The cowboy life is the only one I know


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  1. Ranch Hand Band - Serchen All Around Chords

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