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Lighthouse Heart chords - Jimmy Rankin

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Jimmy Rankin Sheet music
                This is one of my favorite songs off of Jimmy's
album "Song Dog". I decided to try and figure out the 
chords and I know I'm close. If someone could just check 
it out (maybe even you axehappy, cause your other two 
Rankin tabs were great). Thanks a bunch

Jimmy Rankin - Lighthouse Heart
(Jimmy Rankin)

Capo: 2nd Fret

INTRO:  (G)   (Cadd9)  (x4)

I wanna (G)be (Cadd9) your lighthouse (G)keeper
I wanna (G)be (Cadd9) your beacon in the (G)dark
When your (G)ship rolls (C)into dangerous (Em)waters (D)
Let me (G)be (Cadd9) your lighthouse heart

INTRO (1/2)

(Cadd9) All a(G)round this little (Em)island
(Cadd9) Angry (G)waters rumble and (Em)roar
The (Cadd9)winds are (G)filled with cruel in(Em)tentions
(Cadd9) And when they (G)cut right to the (D)soul


INTRO (x2)

(D) I don't wanna (C)be nobodys' (G)captain
(D) Or play the (C)roll of noah's (G)ark
(D) I don't wannna (C)be your night in shining (G) armor
(D) I never (C)meant to from the (G)start


When your (G)ship rolls (C)into dangerous (Em)waters (D)
Let me (G)be (Cadd9) your lighthouse heart


Jimmy Rankin ChordsJimmy Rankin Lyrics

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