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Can't Wash The Red Out Of My Redneck chords - Rebel Son

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                Can't Wash The Red Out Of My Redneck 
Recorded by Rebel Son

Intro.:  Dr. x 3 bqrs
         Gtr. x 2 bars
         |(G) |(G) |(C) |(C) |(G) |(G) |(D) |(D) |
         |(G) |(G) |(C) |(C) |(G) |(D) |(G) |(G)

I gotta (G)flag and a picture of Robert E. (C)Lee
(G)Hangin' in the den for everyone to (D)see
I got a (G)68 long bed GM(C)C
(G)Sittin' out back (D)underneath a (G)tree

Every-(G)day I'm tired cause I work really (C)hard
At (G)5 o'clock I punch my time (D)card
So when (G)I get home I don't pay no re-(C)gard
To the (G)junk that's pilin' (D)up in my back-(G)yard

Well you can (G)wash The Dukes of Hazzard sheets on my (C)bed
You can (G)wash the dust off of my stuffed deer (D)head
You can (G)wash my mud tires 'til there's no (C)tread
But you (G)can't wash the (D)red outta my (G)redneck

Inst.:  |(G) |(G) |(C) |(C) |(G) |(G) |(D) |(D) |
        |(G) |(G) |(C) |(C) |(G) |(D) |(G) |(G)

On (G)friday nights the boys and girls have (C)fun
We (G)race our cars and shoot our shot-(D)guns
Then (G)later on whenever we are (C)done
We (G)drink and sing un-(D)til we see the (G)sun

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  |(G) |(G) |(C) |(C) |(G) |(G) |(D) |(D) |
        |(G) |(G) |(C) |(C) |(G) |(D) |(G) |(G)

Repeat Chorus x twice

No you (G)can't wash the (D)red outta my (G)red-(F#m7)-(Em7)neck
(G)Can't wash the (D)red outta my (C)redneck

Outro.  --- |(C) |(D) |(D) |(G) |(G) |(G) |(G) -----

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