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Smell The Flowers chords - Jerry Reed

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Jerry Reed Sheet music
Smell The Flowers 
By Jerry Reed
rmofle at

Capo 2

Can’t quite figure out the minor on the 3rd line of the chorus!

      D   G D       G    G/F#   Em               D     G  D
Yesterdays, oh, how many do you wish you could relive
         D G D       G     G/F#  Em                A
Turn the page and go back, oh, I wonder what you'd give
        Bm            D                     E7                      G        G/F#
Looking back, does it seem that when you've planned and when you've dreamed
Em                            A
you forgot the most important thing

G         D                 Em
Smell the flowers while the roses bloom.
         A                           G     D
Take the time, my friend, and sing a happy tune.
        ?m                             ?                G
Oh, how precious every mile, so take a minute, learn to smile
   A                                        G   D
My friend, let's stop a while and smell the flowers.

Got a troubled mind? Friend, did you let too much worry rule your day
You look back, do you feel like something precious slipped away
Oh, my friend, are you the man that let the world slip thru your hands
Can you remember when you smelled the flowers

Chorus 2:
Smell the flowers while the roses bloom
Take the time, my friend, and sing a happy tune
You won't have this day again 'cause every road has got to end
So don't forget, my friend, to smell the flowers

Chorus 1

Jerry Reed ChordsJerry Reed Lyrics

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