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The Bluest Eyes In Texas chords - Heart Restless

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The Bluest Eyes in Texas
By:  Restless Heart

Capo on 1st
Key of Bb

A				   D
That lonesome Texas sun is setting soon
     A					 D
And in the rear view mirror I watched it bloom
	Bm	    F#m		       E   A  E
I can still see the wind in her golden hair
  Bm		      F#m		 D
I close my eyes for a moment, I'm still there.

    E			     F3m      E    D
The bluest eyes in Texas are haunting me tonight
	 E					F#m  E	      D
Like the stars that fill the midnight sky her memory fills my mind
		A			      F#m   E	    D
(where did I go wrong) did I wait too long or can I make it right
    A			     F#m      E    D
The bluest eyes in Texas are haunting me tonight.

A			   D
Another town another hotel room
A				 D
Another dream that ended way too soon
Bm		F#m		  E   A  E
Left me lonely praying before the dawn
Bm		  F#m		    D
Searching for the strength to carry on.

solo:  A  D  A  D


    Bm		    F#m		    E   A  E
For every heart you break you pay a price
	Bm		F#m	    D
But I can't forget the tears in her blue eyes

chorus and repeat last line
solo:  A  D  A  D  A  D  A  D  A  D  A-fade




|-8-10-11-11-11-11-11------11-11-11-11-11------11-11-11-11 (fade) -
			Jason A. Wendtland

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