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Big Spike Hammer chords - Tony Rice

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                Big Spike Hammer – Tony Rice

Capo 4th Fret

Intro –  (G)  (Em)  (C)  (Em)  (G)  (Em)  (C)  (Em)  (D)  (G) 
Follow pattern of verse 3
On recording banjo plays lead at intro.

Verse 1
(G) Can't you hear the whistle of my (Em) big spike hammer
(C) Lord it's busting my (Em) side
I've done (G) all I can do to keep that (Em) woman
(C) Still she's not satis-(Em)-fied          (D)   

Hey (G) hey (Em) Della (G) Mae
Why do you treat me this a-way
(G) Hey hey (Em) Della (G) Mae
I'll get even some day

Break – (G)  (Em)  (C)  (Em)  (G)  (Em)  (C)  (Em)  (D)  (G)
Follows pattern of verse 3
On recording fiddle plays

Verse 2
(G) I'm the best hammer swinger in this big section (Em) gang
(C) Big Bill Johnson is my (Em) name
This spike (G) hammer that I swing for a dollar and a half a (Em) day
(C) It's all for my Della (Em) Mae          (D)

Repeat Chorus

Break – (G)  (Em)  (C)  (Em)  (G)  (Em)  (C)  (Em)  (D)  (G)
Follows pattern of verse 3
On recording Tony Rice picks.

Verse 3
(G) Well I've been lots of places, not much I ain't (Em) done
(C) There's still a lot of things I'd like to (Em) see
But this (G) hammer that I swing or the woman that I (Em) love
Yeah (C) one's gonna be the death of (Em) me        (D) 

Repeat Chorus

(Em) Big spike hammer, big spike hammer (D)  (G)

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