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The Cricket Song chords - Rich O'Toole

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                Intro: E

E                   B7          E
Here last night was warm and moist
E                      B7            E
In a dream I thought I heard your voice
E 	   	  	 B7 	      E
Well I went outside and started to sing
E 	  	  	       B7 	    E
The crickets were doing the very same thing

E 	  	          B7           E
Me and the crickets sing all night long
E                            B7           E
Me and the crickets sing the same damn song
E                 B7         E               
Song of how our love should be
E                      B7 	 E
Song of how you should be with me

E                           B7      E
Crickets sing loud but they sing good
E                    B7         E
Crickets sing like I wish I could
E                        B7               E
Well I sing good but the crickets sing best
E                           B7          E
Me and the crickets put the night to rest


Solo E B7 E B7 E

E                    B7          E
Well I wonder if the crickets know
E                         B7            E
Where love comes from and where love goes
E                             B7           E
Well if they know they're not saying a thing
E                    B7            E
So all they do is sit here and sing

Chorus (x2)

E                              B7       E
Well I really think you should be with me
E                        B7          E
You ask the crickets and they'll agree
E                               B7          E
I said you ask the crickets and they'll agree 

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