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Penny Lover chords - Lionel Richie

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                G                       Em
The first time I saw you
 Am                      D
Oh, you looked so fine
  G               Em
And I had a feeling
 Am    D
One day you'd be mine
        G                    Em
Honey, you came along and captured my heart
        Am                              D
Now my love is somewhere lost in your kiss
                Am                      D
When I'm all alone it's you that I miss
         Am                             D
Girl, a love like yours is hard to resist

 G                              D Em
Penny lover, my love's on fire
                                D G
Penny lover, you're my one desire
                                D Em
Tell me baby, could this be true
                                        D G
That I could need someone like I need you

Nights, warm and tender
 Am             D
Lying next to you
  G             Em
Girl, I surrender
 Am             D
What more can I do
          G                 Em
I spent all of my life in search of your love
        Am                        D
Now there's one thing I want to say
        Am                            D
Don't you ever take your sweet love away
           Am                           D  G
Girl, I'll do anything just please stay

 C          D
I don't understand it
            G         D  G
Oh, what's come over me
C                     D
But I'm not gonna worry
           G      D  G
Oh, not anymore
'Cos when a man's in love
                     D  Em
He's only got one story
                Am                              D
That's why my love is somewhere lost in your kiss
           Am                            D
When I'm lost and alone it's you that I miss
          Am                            D
With a love like yours it's hard to resist

 G                              D Em
Penny lover, don't you walk on by
                                D G
Penny lover, don't you make me cry

To fade

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