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Ballad Of Alamo chords - Marty Robbins

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Marty Robbins Sheet music

Artist-Marty Robbins. The song is from the John Wayne movie "The Alamo". 
I do not have the chords and if someone does please insert. Thanks. 

Mike Poppell 

Ballad of the Alamo (Marty Robbins) 

In the southern part of Texas, in the town of San Antone 

There's a fortress all in ruins, that the weeds have overgrown 

You may look in vain for crosses andÊ you'll never see a one 

But sometimes between the setting and the rising of the sun 

You can hear a ghostly bugle, as the men go marchin' by 

You can hear them as they answer to the roll call in the sky 

Colonel Travis, Davy Crocket, and a hundred eighty more 

Captain Dickinson, Jim Bowie, present and accounted for 

Back in eighteen thirty-six, Houston said to Travis 

Get some volunteers and go, fortify the Alamo 

Well, the men came from Texas and from ol' Tennessee 

And they joined up with Travis, just to fight for the right to be free 

Indian scouts with squirrel guns, men with muzzle loaders 

Stood together heel and toe, to defend the Alamo 

You may ne'er see your loved ones, Travis told them that day 

Those who want to can leave now, those who'll fight to the death, let 'em stay 

In the sand he drew a line, with his army saber 

Out of a hundred and eighty-five, not a soul to cross the line 

With his banners a dancin', in the dawn's golden light 

Santa Anna came prancin', on a horse that was black as the night 

Sent an officer to tell Travis to surrender 

Travis answered with a shell, and a rousin' rebel yell 

Santa Anna turned scarlet, play Deguello, he roared 

I will show them no quarter, everyone will be put to the sword 

One hundred and eighty-five holdin' back five thousand 

Five days, six days, eight days, ten Travis held and held again 

Then he sent for replacements for his wounded and lame 

But the troops that were comin', never came, never came, never came 

Twice he charged and blew recall, on the fatal third time 

Santa Anna breached the wall, and he killed them one and all 

Now the bugles are silent, and there's rust on each sword 

And the small band of soldiers, lie asleep in the arms of the Lord 


In the southern part of Texas, near the town of San Antone 

Like a statue on his pinto, rides a cowboy all alone 

And he sees the cattle grazin', where a century before 

Santa Anna's guns were blazin', and the cannon used to roar 

And his eyes turn sorta misty as his heart begins to glow 

And he takes his hat off the men of Alamo 

To the thirteen days of the siege of Alamo 

(chorus begins to sing) 

Now the bugles are silent, and there's rust on each sword 

And the small band of soldiers, lie asleep in the arms of the Lord 

Lie the arms...of the Lord 

Marty Robbins ChordsMarty Robbins Lyrics

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