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The Highway chords by Taylor Roberts

Taylor Roberts Chords

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 16:41:13 CDT

title:the highway
artist/songwriter:taylor roberts

G                                               C
headed down the highway, from a weekend of fun
G                                             D
head poundin real, real bad so I tell myself im done
G                                C
no more drinkin beer is what i thought
G                                                          D
i say no more smoke filled lungs spendin money i ain't got.
G                                                         C
but i might as well shut my mouth cause it'll happen again
G                                        D
knockin back those ice cold beers with my friends.
G                               C
so untill i get tired and ready to go home
G                                                  D
you can find my old pickup headed up and down that road
G                      C
up interstate 35,45, or highway six
G                                                D
may not have no money boy but i got a book full of checks
G                                           C
got my two bags in the back a cooler and a few more things
G                                         D
radio up loud as hell singing with my boy pat green.
G                                       D
the next thing i know i get a call from r.d.
G                                D
sayin head up 45 for a party
G                                                    C
now my foots through the floorboard headed to the next town
G                                       D
play a little bit of 42 to that good ole texas sound
G                                                       C
maybe pitch a few washers through a game or two of shoes
G                             C                          D                  
it's been like this for most of our lives so boy don't be confused
G                                                               C
but  we've been drinkin all night long and it's time to turn in
G                                                      D                   
cause we got to get an early start and do it all over again.

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