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Friendless Marriage chords - Bruce Robison

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                Friendless Marriage
Bruce Robison, Kelly Willis

Capo 2

G                 D              C               G
Our house never seemed to be so cold like this before
     G                  D                C                    D
But now the wind blows free between the seals and 'neath the door.
       G                   D            C              D
And a four for a dollar photograph and she and I once made,
The way she looked at me back then ain't the way she does today.

   G               C        G               D
- Our friendless marriage, how our love is gone.
G             C              G                D
Now he don't care enough to try and save our home.
G                  C             G     D/F#  Em
Lord, you know it tears me up. Where do I belong?
          D                               G
With the one who doesn't love me or all alone? -

G                  D           C                    G
I can't help but think about mistakes that we have made
                      D                        C              D
And I guess when you start out all wrong, you end up the same way
   G                 D                    C        D
To me, our love was wild and free like a runaway train

We couldn't have no wedding band to hide her daddy's shame

A                  E               D              A
She don't seem to smile nomore or look me in the eye
                E               D              E
He don't say a thing at all or hold me when I cry
    F#m                   E               D       E
But we weren't raised to run from our responsibilities

I'll stay for my baby like my momma stayed for me

   A               D        A               E
- Our friendless marriage, how our love is gone.
A             D              A                E
Now he don't care enough to try and save our home.
A                  D             A     A/G#  F#m
Lord, you know it tears me up. Where do I belong?
          E                               A
With the one who doesn't love me or all alone? -

     A                E               D              A
And our house never seemed to be so cold like this before.

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