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Loving County chords - Charlie Robison

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Charlie Robison  Loving County 
Album: Life of the Party 
Produced by: Charlie Robison & Lloyd Maines
1998 Sony Music/"Lucky Dog"
Transcribed by: "Cody Sherrod"

Cappo 6th fret

Intro: D C G F D

D               C              G               F          D
I loved a girl she lived out in Pecos pretty as she could be

D                         C        G                F            D   
And I worked the rigs on out in Oddessa to give her whatever she needs

D                               C           G                   F
But that girls she runs with an oil company bum cause a diamond was not on her


D                              C         G                  F         D 
But He left her soon neath the big Loving moon to go out and x-ray the land


G                   C               G       D               
Now I sit in my car the new rainbow bar downtown

        G                        C                  G      
And the frost on the wind sheild shines towards the sky

Like a thousand tiny diamonds in the lights of Loving County


D                               C            G                    F 
Well I walked in that bar and I drank myself crazy thinkin bought her and that


D                             C          G                           F      
When in walked a woman lookin richer than sin and ten years worth of work on

her hand

D                                 C       G              F          D 
Well I followed her home and when she was alone I put my gun to her head

D                      C                G                     F           D
And I dont recall what happened next at all but now that rich woman she's dead


G                                C             G            D 
Now I drive down the highway ten miles from my sweet baby's arms

       G                     C               G 
And the moon is so bright it don't look like night

and the diamond how it sparkles in the lights of Loving County



D                               C            G 
Well she opened that door and I knelt on the floor

               F           D
and I put that ring in her hand

D                      C                  G                       F     D
And she said I do and she'd leave with me soon to the rigs out in south Alabam

D                            C          G                        F         D 
Well I told her to hide that ring there inside and wait till the timin was 

D                         C         G                      F     D
And I drove back home and I was alone cause I thought that she'd understood


G                                 C            G            D 
The next night an old friend just called me to wish us both well

          G                 C         G
said he'd seen her downtown sashay'in around

and her diamond how it sparkled in the lights of Loving County



D                                 C            G                   F        D
Well that sheriff he found me out wonder'n all around El Paso the very next 

D                                C            G 
You see I'd lost my mind on that broken white line

              F       D 
before I even reached Balmaray

D                               C          G
Now she's in Ft.Worth and she's just givin birth

                   F           D 
to the son of that oil company man

D                              C              
And they burried that poor old sheriffs dead wife
                     F            D
with the ring that I stole on her hand

G                          C          G          D
Sometimes they let me look up at that East Texas sky

G                            C           G 
and the rain on the pines oh lord how it shines

like my darlins little diamond in the lights of Loving County

Outro D C G F D

Charlie Robison ChordsCharlie Robison Lyrics

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