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(Talkin' To God More) These Days chords - Rodney Redman

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Rodney Redman Sheet music

***Capo 4***

This is the intro and this progression repeats through the  
most of the first two lines of the verses:  (h = hammer-on)

       D          G/D-D        D           G-D

It was hard to write the exact place the G to D chords are in the 
verses but listen to the CD or repeat the intro progression without 
thinking of the words. It is basically all D with one little jump 
to G (or G/D) and back. The dash in between just means to go quickly 

Intro: D  G/D-D  D  G-D (x2)

D                    G/D-D                                   G-D
Watchin' my baby girl take her first steps cross the living room floor
D                    G/D-D                       G-D                G
Seeing my beautiful wife with a tear in her eye, who could ask for more
G                                 D                  D  G/D-D  D  G-D
It makes me stop to think, and I thank the Lord above

D                   G/D-D                          G-D
I can't imagine how my life used to be out on my own
D                   G/D-D                            G-D    G
And every once in awhile I add up the miles I have walked alone
G                                                     D  G/D-D  D  G-D
Wouldn't trade one second now, for a year the way it was
A                                Em
And I don't know all the secrets yet
       G                              A
And I still run off the shoulder, but as I'm gettin' older

G               D              Em                        D         G
I'm talkin' to God more these days, I'm going through a real big change
                 D            A
I'm finding out who I am and tryin' to be a better man
G                                      A
And now I know I don't have to take a number
                 G                 A                             D (Em 2nd chorus)
Or wonder if He hears what I say, I'm talkin' to God more these days

D  G/D-D  D  G-D  (x2)

D                  G/D-D                        G-D
I used to think I wanted fortune and material things
D              G/D-D                               G-D  G
But I'm so rich now and blessed beyond my wildest dreams 
G                                            D  G/D-D  D  G-D 
I ain't talkin bout money, I'm talkin bout love
A                     Em
Everything I have is real
           G                      A
Let those crazy dreams scatter I know what really matters


Em  Bm  G  A

G                                      A
And now I know I don't have to take a number
                 G                 A                             D  G/D-D  D  G-D 
Or wonder if He hears what I say, I'm talkin' to God more these days
G                               D  G/D-D  D  G-D  G 
I'm talkin' to God more these days          ...oh yeah

(repeat progression in first two lines of verse til fade)

A   =   x02220
Bm  =   x24432(bar chord) or xx4432
D   =   xx0232
Em  =   022000
G   =   320003  
G/D =   xx0003  

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