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Sweet Wine Of Sorrow chords - Roger Alan Wade

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                Sweet Wine of Sorrow
written by Wade/Dixon/Moore/Moore
I think it's played in a different tuning, but these chords work fine.


    G                                                     D
I's standin' in the mornin' outside that Norfolk Southern Yard
Rollin' dice like a train, the wind was blowin' hard
I'm down 20 to the devil, hell I hope he'll take a check
I'll kiss his ass 'til I get level, then I'll break his neck

       C                                                    G
I have drank from the cup of your soul like there ain't no tomorrow
      D                                                         G                           
I was cursed from the first with a thirst for the sweet wine of sorrow

G                                                                       D
Ah there's things a man can do to himself where his own parents don't recognize his face
And there's things he does to everybody else that even true love can't erase
And you wind up scattered all in pieces and you spend your life tryin' to understand
When you figure it out you realize it's your selfishness between you and the promised land

       C                                                    G
I have drank from the cup of your soul like there ain't no tomorrow
       D                                                          G
I been cursed from the first with a thirst for that sweet wine of sorrow
C                                                G
Hallelujah I'd trade anything I can beg steal or borrow
      D                                                          G
I was cursed from the first with a thirst for that sweet wine of sorrow

BREAK: C  Csus2  G   D  Dsus2  G

        G                                                     D
Now I'm shattered on the sidewalk like them dishes that they brought
When you were swollen with my baby and your daddy bought that shotgun when we got caught
And now there ain't much that matters and to tell the truth I still don't understand
So I think I'll go down to Madame Moreass and just pretend you ever gave a damn


         D                                                          C       G
Baby I's cursed from the first with a thirst for that sweet wine of sorrow 

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