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Long Long Time chords - Linda Ronstadt

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                Long Long Time
Written by Gary White
Recorded by Linda Ronstadt

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  | (C) / (D) / | (Em) / / (D) | (C) / (D) / | (Em) / / (D) |

(C) (D)Love will a-(Em)bide, (D) (C) take things (D) in stride (G)
(C) (B7)Sounds like good ad-(Em)vice but there's (Am)no one at (D)my side
And (C)time (D) washes (Em)clean (D) (C) love's wounds (D) unseen (G)
(C) (B7)That's what someone (Em)told me (D) but I (Am)don't know what (D)it means
'Cause (C)I've done every-(G)thing I know (B7) to try and make you (Em)mine (C)
And I (G)think I'm (D) gonna (Em)love you (C) for a (G)long (D) long (G) time

Inst.:  | (C) / (D) / | (Em) / / (D) | (C) / (D) / | (Em) / / (D) |

(C) (D)Caught in my (Em)fears, (D) (C) blinkin' (D)back the (G)tears
(C) (B7)I can't say you (Em)hurt me when you (Am)never let (D)me near
And (C)I (D) never (Em)drew (D) (C) one re-(D)sponse from (G)you
(C) (B7)All the while you (Em)fell all over (Am)girls you nev-(D)er knew
'Cause (C)I've done every-(G)thing I know (B7) to try and make you (Em)mine (C)
And I (G)think it's (D) gonna (Em)hurt me (C) for a (G)long (D) long (G) time

Inst.:  | (C) / (D) / | (Em) / / (D) | (C) / (D) / | (Em) / / (D) |

(C) (D)Wait for the (Em)day, (D) (C) you'll go (D) away (G)
(C) (B7)Knowin' that you (Em)warned me of the (Am)price I'd have (D) to pay
And (C)life's (D) full of (Em)flaws, (D) (C) who knows (D) the (G)cause?
(C) (B7)Livin' in the (Em)memory of a (Am)love that nev-(D)er was
'Cause (C)I've done every-(G)thing I know (B7) to try and change your (Em)mind (C)
And I (G)think I'm (D) gonna (Em)miss you (C) for a (G)long (D) long (Em) time (D)

'Cause (C)I've done every-(G)thing I know (B7) to try and make you (Em)mine (C)
And I (G)think I'm (D) gonna (Em)love you (C) for a (G)long (D) long (G) time

Outro.:  | (C) / (D) / | (Em) / / (D) | (C) -----

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