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Under the Red Rock Rim chords - David Rose

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                This strange, haunting song was specifically written for Episode 16 (Song in the Dark) in Season 4 of the TV show Bonanza.  To hear
how it is played, do a youtube search for the episode of the TV show.  There were no online tabs, soundtracks, or lyrics when I
looked so I took the time to figure out the chords from the youtube video of the show and the lyrics from a subtitles database.  The
song is fun to play and makes you feel like a real cowboy when sung


Bmin 4x


Bmin                          E             Bmin
Rim, rim, under the red rock rim,
Bmin         A             Bmin    E   Bmin   E
under the red rock rim.

Bmin                           A
Mary, a star, shines down,
Bmin                                   A
down in the ground she lies, 
G                             D
under an earthly mound,
      F#                             Bmin  3x Bmin
that's where her spirit lies.


Bmin                          A
She was young, so fair,
Bmin                               A
cheated and lied, you see,
G                           D
so with a deadly care,
   F#                     Bmin  3x Bmin
he set her spirit free.


Bmin                           A
Now every night he rides,
Bmin                    A
to that deserted place,
G                                    D
there in the sands so white, 
       F#                                Bmin  3x Bmin
where he could see her face.


Bmin                       A
Lonely as he can be,
Bmin                      A
riding on endlessly,
G                            D
lonely as he can be,
      F#                 Bmin 3x Bmin
his spirit never free.

Bmin                          E             Bmin
Rim, rim, under the red rock rim,
Bmin                  A            Bmin
that's where to look for him.
Bmin                                   E            Bmin
Rim, rim, that's where to look for him,
Bmin         A             Bmin
under the red rock rim.
A       Bmin
Rim, rim

[Thanks to JC for tabs]

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  1. Rose David - Under the Red Rock Rim Chords

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