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Do Me Proud chords - Peter Roth

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I am providing you with another submission of a song
that I have recently writtten.  It is a story of how we pick up our values
from our parents and pass them along to our families and so on.  It is a
nice country ballad played at a nice easy pace.  I hope you enjoy this one
as well as my last submission.


Peter Roth


By  Peter T. Roth  

[G] I remember when I was little on [C] my first day of [G] school
[G] My daddy sat me on his knee and [D] ran over the rules
[D] He [G] told me I should listen, work [C] hard and not be [G] loud
[G] But the biggest thing I remember was when he said [D] son do me [G] proud

[G] He always taught me right from wrong and [C] which road I should [G] take
[G] How to extend a helping hand and [D] never hesitate
[D] I [G] knew which things that I could do and [C] those that were not [G]
[G] I made a point to try my best and [D] do my father [G] proud

[C] I grew up with his lessons and I [G] started on my life
[G] I found myself my greatest friend and [D] made that woman my wife
[C] As we walked up that small church aisle sur- [G] rounded by a crowd
[G] The teardrops in my father's eyes let me [D] know I'd done him [G] proud

[G] Now we have all grown older and the [C] years have quickly [G] flown 
[G] Once we were just little kids now we have [D] children of our own
[D] My [G] father has since left us but he's [C] watching from the [G] clouds
[G] As I teach my little ones what he taught me and [D] hope they'll do me
[G] proud

[G] My life has been a marvelous trip with [C] memories to [G] last
[G] Of happy times with family, friends and [D] kids who've grown up fast
[D] My [G] children have made me happy and [C] I'm glad to shout out [G] loud
[G] The same thing my father said to me  I'm [D] glad you do me [G] proud  

[C] The time has come to pass the torch and [G] let you light your way
[G] With wisdom in the things we've learned from [D] back in Grandpa's day
[C] And carry on a tradition just like [G] he and I had vowed
[G] And pray  some day your own family can [D] know they'll do you [G] proud

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