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Wasnt That A Party chords - Rovers

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Wasn't That A Party
By The Rovers

Capo 3

Could-a been the whiskey, might-a been the gin
Could-a been the 3 or 4 six packs, I don't know but look at the mess I'm
                  G                           D
My head is like a football, I think I'm gonna die
        A                               D
Tell me me-oh-me-oh my, a-wasn't that a party

Someone took a grapefruit, wore it like a hat
I saw someone under my kitchen table, talkin' to my old tomcat
They were talkin' bout a hockey, the cat was talking back 
A long about then everything went black, a-wasn't that a party

Bridge 1:
                      G                        D
I'm sure it's just my mem'ry playin' tricks on me
      E7                           A
But I think I saw my buddy cuttin' down my neighbors tree


Bridge 2:
              G                              D
Billy Joe and Tommy, well they went a little far
          E7                                          A
They were sittin in my backyard blowin' on a siren of somebody's police

So you see your honor, it was all in fun
A little bit of track meet was just to see if the cops could run
Well, they run us into see you in an alcoholic haze
I sure can use those 30 days to recover from the party

Chorus (Change key to E)

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  1. Rovers - Wasn't That A Party Chords
  2. Rovers - Wasnt That A Party Chords

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