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Sweet Summer Rain chords - Rushlow

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Intro: G  Am7  
       G  Am7  C  D (x2)

G                           C
Three or four miles down a red dirt road
Am7                       D               G   C  Am7  D
An' a green-eyed girl an' I used to go to see her-----
    G                      C
I'd pull up the drive an' she'd jump in
    Am7                  D                     G  C  Am7  D
An' we'd head off down around the bend to the river----
        G                        C
Find a perfect spot an' throw a blanket on the ground
Am7                          D        G  C        Am7   D
Sit there talkin', till the sun went down-- about nothin
     C       G/B     Am7  G/B
Then one hot day in June,
      C           G/B      Am7             G/B
The clouds rolled in right out of the blue.
   C          G/B            Am            D
As we ran for cover, I could smell her perfume, in that...

G  Am7  C
D             G  Am7  C  D
Sweet summer rain
          G  Am7  C
Oh, that sweet-------
D             G  Am7  C  D
Sweet summer rain

         G                           C
We were jumpin' an' a-runnin' an' a-laughin' out loud.
    Am7                     D                  G   C  Am7  D
The sky opened up like the bottom fell out of Heaven, yeah.
    G                           C
We dove in the car, turned the radio on,
Am7                 D                  G   C                 Am7  D
Sat there soakin', singing along with Elton, Bennie And The Jets.
     C          G/B      Am7  G/B
She turned an' looked my way,
       C        G/B             Am7             G/B
Those raindrops slowly runnin' down on her face.
   C               G/B               Am            D
I reached out an' kissed her, well I remember the taste, of that..


             Em                                 C
Sweet summer rain, it keeps blowin' through my mind
                     Am7                       C
Even after all this time, I can't forget that moment
Yeah, we were fallin', just like that...


Am  =   x02210
Am7 =   x02010
C   =   x32010
D   =   xx0232
Em  =   022000
G   =   320003  
G/B =   x2003x or x20003

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