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She's No Amy chords - Ryan Turner

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                She's No Amy 
By Ryan Turner
rmofle at

G  Cadd9 D twice

          G       Cadd9  D
She's the morning kiss I crave each day
G             Cadd9   D   
She laughs at all the goofy things I say
Em7            Cadd9         D          Em7
She's a ray of light when my skies turn grey
      Cadd9           C/B  D
Say's everything will be O.K.

She's the notes I find saying, "I love you."
The late night talks that last till two
She picks me up when I'm feeling blue
And all my friends seem to like her too

             G  Cadd9   D                              G  Cadd9  D
But she's no Am-y-y-y-y-y and that's something I can't hide
            G   Cadd9  D                                 G  Cadd9 D   
No she's no Am-y-y-y-y-y but I guess I'm good at getting by
            G            B7  C            Cm      G   G/F#  Em7
No she's no Amy and with any strength I'd say goodbye
              Cadd9         D                   G 
Well she's no Amy - but she sure beats lonely tonight

Well I know deep down what I should do
Should set her free to find someone new
Someone to love her with a heart so true
I know that's what I should do


  G                      Cadd9                
Tonight with her head laid on my chest
        D               G G/F
And her arms wrapped in mine
Em7                   Cadd9
She's dreamin  of me
 G                        D
But the only thing on my mind

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