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Romeo & Juliet (40 dogs and cigarettes) chords - Bob Schneider

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If you spell it out you can yell it out well you hit me when I tell you about
How it has to be, for it’s too late now there’s a centipede 
well there’s something right about you and me 
something right about you and me
Be the color of a burning book be the color of a sideways glance from an undercover cop 
Be the comic book color of a stone that’s jeweled be the color of the moon, 
be the color of the night that’s right color of a fight in a movie, 
be the color in the colored part in the wizard of oz movie
A                                 E
like Romeo and Juliet, we’re like 40 dogs and cigarettes, 
we’re like good times that never happened 
yet but will
A                                    E
I can tell you where we’re gonna be when whole world fall in to the sea 
where we live in ever after I 

All the boys taken you for granted, look at you with your eyes all slanted I don’t like the way they look at 
you, I don’t like the way they talk to, no I don’t like the way they talk to you, wouldn’t let them talk to you like that.
Put’em up high reach for the ceiling, tell me underwater, dammit I’m reeling ain’t no crimes just dreams of stealing anything to get
more of this feeling, you take the high and I take the low, before you know, we ain’t got no time to waste too much life to taste.
Sometimes you remind me of a moon beam, of a ghost of a moonbeam down on the beach down by the coast, slippin through the night like
the most beautiful thing I ever seen.

Come out tonight come out with me baby, turn the careful into a crazy, turn sky black into a sky blue, turn the cold shade in to a
whoo whoo, you can do what you want to do, make a flag that I’ll burn with you, make a flag that I’ll burn with you, you can do what
you want to do.

[Thanks to andrew for tabs]

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