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Broke chords - Scott Copeland

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                Cowritten by Scott Copeland and Andy Pate
Recorded by Andy Pate
Album - With Friends Like These

Intro- G B C D

G 	  	    B 	 
Opened up my eyes, looked around
C                          D
Everything I needed was so easily found
        G                 B
I got a couch, a chair, a lamp up on the table
C                           D
Dishes and a stove so I can cook when I am able
      G                             B 
I got clothes that I put on my back,fresh towels hangin on the rack
C                             D    
Two dogs layin in my backyard and six strings on this old guitar

    C       D        G
But what do I possess?
C          D            G
What can I really call my own
C     D          G  D  Em
Open up my eyes I realize
C             D         G
Much to my surprise I'm broke

I got a 9-5 good payin job
I gotta bossman that i work for but he don't work me to hard
I got bills pilin up that i know that i can't pay
I got a ten dollar bill stuffed in my shoe and I'm savin it for a rainy day


I got two brothers, and i got two sisters
I got a grandma in a nursing home and i really miss her
I got another brother that broke my heart,cuz we don't see eye to eye
A mom and dad that love me, but sometimes i just don't know why


Open up my eyes, looked around
Everything I needed was so easily found
I got my health, and i got time
And dispite myself I've got peace of mind
I've got a pretty girl I call my girlfriend 
and I can call her whenever I'm so inclined


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