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Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue chords - Scott H. Biram

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                Go give Scott a shout out on his message board, He broke his leg over in Europe
while touring. He could use the support from his fans

Use your middle finger and ring finger to do hammer ons around these chords


G                                           C
With a broken part of me, and this troubles so hard
G                                              D
And this washed up way of living, since we been apart 
G                                       C
After all we been through, even after i lost you
G                D            G
I'm still drunk, still crazy, i'm still blue

You Know sweat gets so cold, alone every night
There ain't nothing on t.v., you know nothing ain't right
I been rolling and a rollin, honey all the night through
I'm still drunk, i'm still crazy, i'm still blue

C                                G
I'm still drunk, i'm still blue, all still all tore up all over you
D                    D7                     C
i'm still stoned, still alone, i'm still wrong

Well the wasted part of me, is this ol' trouble so hard
And the wasted part of you, is your half filled up heart
We been rolling and rolling, honey all our lives through
I'm still drunk, still crazy, i'm still blue
I'm still drunk, still crazy, still blue

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