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Muddy Waters chords - Seldom Scene

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Seldom Scene Sheet music
Muddy Waters - The Seldom Scene

(Em) Mary take the (B7) baby, river's (Em) rising
(G) Muddy water's (A) takin' back the (B7) land
(Em) Old frame house it (B7) can't take one more (Em) beating
 Ain't no use to (B7) stay and make a (Em) stand.

(Em) The morning light showed (B7) water in the (Em) valley
(G) Daddy's grave just (A) went below the (B7) line
(Em) Things to save you (B7) just can't take them (Em) with you
The flood will swallow (B7) all you leave be (Em) hind.

(G) Won't be back to start all (D) over
(G) Lord what I felt before is (B7) gone
(Em) Mary take the (B7) baby, river's (Em) rising
(G) Muddy water's (B7) taking back our (Em) home.

Instrumental break (follow pattern of first verse)

(Em) The road is gone there's (B7) just one way to (Em) leave here.
(G) Turn my back on (A) what I've left be (B7) low
(Em) Shifting lands and (B7) broken farms a (Em) round me
 Muddy water's (B7) changin' all I (Em) know.

(G) Hard to say just what I'm (D) losing
(G) Ain't never felt so all a (B7) lone
(Em) Mary take the (B7) baby, river's (Em) rising
(G) Muddy water's (B7) taking back my (Em) home.

 Well (G) muddy water's (B7) taking back my (Em) home.

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