Two For Tuesday chords - Seth James

            Sub Cadd9 if wanted, sounds just as good. 
Also sounds great using G5 and C5 bar chords (355XXX, X355XX..probably the correct way), 
and the fillers are easily played this way as well. 99% of the time I play acoustically, 
so I like to play the full chords throughout the song, and then switch 
to the bar chords for the muted strums during the last verse, but to each their own! 
Thanks and have fun!

G               C   G                C
I'm pickin up a station, and rollin' them bones
G                  C                 G             C
Babe I got a lotta time to kill, and I ain't comin home
             G                     C            G                      C
I'm a little Jack Kerouac with the credit card, nothing but nowhere to go
G                   C                     D
Rock my world, gone straight to hell, and I ain't, goin down slow

Am          C                      G              D
I'm in love with this road, I'm in love with this car
Am                   C                     G                D
I'm in love with the radio station, that's playin me some CCR;  And it's
G                  C            G                    C
two for Tuesday in America, and I'm gonna turn it up loud
G                          C                   G                   D
It doesn't matter what the next song is, cause Johnny never let me down
Interludes G C G C G C G C Well I, grab my suitcase and a carton of smokes, and my daddy's old guitar I took the key right off your ring, cause it always was my car Well hey there Cindy, whatcha gonna do when ya wake up, and find me gone I ain't mad, but I am goin, cause baby done daddy wrong Chorus/interlude Now, if I ever get, to where I'm goin, just might let you know Saw your number on my cell phone baby, and I just tossed it out at Texaco Well I might go east, and I might go west, I hear its sunny way down south Just as long as it's miles and miles away, from your pretty little lyin' mouth Chorus/Interlude/end on G

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