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Little Imperfections chords - Shane McAnally

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                Little Imperfections
Shane Mcan*lly

D    A    G    A

Verse One
D       A                G                 A
Well my car it ain't too cool yeah, and it runs when it wants to
D     A                  G                      A
And I barely got through school, somewhere some say there's a screw loose
D       A                   G           A
My best friend sleeps on my couch, yeah he's a musician too
Em                     A                               G        A
So it's hard for me to see, why she loves someone like me

With all my

Chorus One:
D           A               G                 A
Little imperfections, how I don't have much direction
        D                A            G               A
Singing Free Bird in the shower and I don't water the flowers
      D                    A            G             A
Fall asleep in chick-flick movies, margaritas make me loopy
Em                    A                            D         A     G
She keeps me guessing why she likes my little imperfections
   A           D           A    G    A
My little imperfections

Verse Two:
Well my ladder of success has got a few rungs missing
And even when I look my best, it looks like I'm going fishing
When her dad makes fun of me, well she never listens
'Cause the girl don't give a damn, she likes me the way I am
With all my

Repeat Chorus One

Instrumental (like a verse)

Repeat Chorus One

Chorus Two:
My little imperfections, I don't vote in no elections
And my hair is getting thinner and I still love Lynyrd Skynyrd
I don't have a lot of money and my jokes are never funny
She keeps my guessing why she likes my little imperfections
My little imperfections
My little imperfections

D    A    G    A

One of my legs is shorter than the other one... it drives her crazy 

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