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Shes Sure Taking It Well chords - Kevin Sharp

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                Album:  A Measure of a Man
Written by: Tim Buppert\Don Pfrimmer\George Teren
D+g  This is just a D chord with added G note

She's Sure Taking It Well   Kevin Sharp

Intro  (listen to the record for timing)



G             Em              C              D
We decided to try  Going our own ways for a while
G                         Em
And give each other some space
               C                  D
But I never dreamed it would be miles
C                    D    G                    Em
I thought she would cry  While she was packing up
    C                                 D+g  D
I guess something isn't wrong enough

G                     Em
She's sure taking it well
            C          Bm D
Taking my heart and my soul
G                     Em
You'd think I wasn't here
          C                Bm D
Falling apart watching her  go
C                       G
If she knows it killing me
C                             Bm
You couldn't look at her and tell
My heart's breaking and
       D              G
she's sure taking it well

Go to intro **, then to 2nd verse

G                   Em
There go all of my dreams
              C            D
melting like sugar in the rain
G                 Em
I would love to believe
              C                 D
she's only smiling through the pain
C                  D
All the tears are mine
G                 Em
shouldn't she be sad
C                               D+g  D
after losing everything we had

chorus to ending
G                     Em   C    D
She's sure taking it well
She's sure taking it well
She's sure taking it well

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