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Hello Wall No.2 chords - Sheb Wooley

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Hello Wall No.2 Sheet music

Hello (C) Wall! 
(C7) I didn't (F) see you standin' (C) there 
Did I hurt you? (hello)
Boy, (D7) I sure did hit you (G7) square
Now, one (F) of us is plastered
And (C) I'll let you guess who-o-o-o
Just (F) imag-(C) ine -
(G7) Bumpin' into (C) you. (F) (C) (G7)

Hey, (C) Wall! Hello! (hello) 
(C7) Why did you (F) let them move the (C) door
And the ceiling, Hello! (hello)
It (D7) used to be the (G7) floor
Some-(F) one came while I was out
And (C) changed it all around
Or (F) could it (C) be -
I'm (G7) standin' upside (C) down? (F) (C) 

That chande-(G7) lier, it's all lit up
It just (C) took a swing at me
And some-(D7) one put the bathtub
Where the com-(G7) mode used to be.        

Hello! (C) Bedsheet! Hello! (hello)
I (C7) think (F) I'd better lay me (C) down
You know, I can't sleep; Hell No! (hello)
If the (D7) bed keeps spinnin' (G7) 'round
There's a (F) picture on the headboard
Hey! I've (C) seem those folks before
Son-of-a-(F) gun! (C) I'm (G7) in the house next (C) door. (F) (C)


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