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Kay chords - Daryle Singletary

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                Daryle Singletary - Kay

Capo 1

C   F    C    F

         C                                F                            C
Kay with all your singin’ talent, back in Houston, Nashville’s all you talked about
       C                               F                   C                  G
I sold everything I owned to bring you here, now you’ll be famous, there’s no doubt
              F                                   C
Last week you knocked out in New York, tonight Chicago’s goin’ wild
     Em                          C     F
Your record on the jukebox don’t sound bad
         C                             F            G            C
Kay, I’m livin’ yet I’m dyin’, starin’ out at Music City from my cab

Caution lights blink out their warning, some old Big Ben clock chimes 3AM
Starvin’ hounddogs search the trash can, my gas tank could use 10 dollars worth again
All those chuckholes here on Main Street jar my ribcage, I could cuss
The crowd of nightlife people look so sad
Kay, I’m livin’ yet I’m dyin’, starin’ out at Music City from my cab

Move Capo to 2

Two young soldiers from Ft. Campbell told me how they won the war in Afghanistan
Sirens echo through an alley and some woman said somebody stabbed a man
I rushed Miss Teenage to the doctor, she begged to give the child my name
I’ve can’t count the cups of coffee that I’ve had
Kay, I’m livin’ yet I’m dyin’, starin’ out at Music City from my cab

Two rose petals on my front seat fallen from the bouquet Jimmy took to June
Jim kept mumblin’ through his teardrops, “God she’ll leave this world with flowers in her room?”
Kay, I showed some drunk your picture and he made a smart remark
I hit him in the mouth, boy was I mad
Kay, I’m livin’ yet I’m dyin’, starin’ out at Music City from my cab

G                                          C
Pedal steel, Guitars and pianos’s how they play
G                                                 C
Grinding out the latest sounds from Music City, USA
      F                                  C  
Kay although I know I brought you to the swingin’ music world
       Em                      C        F     
I miss pictures of those happy times we had
         C                             F            G            C 
Kay, I’m livin’ yet I’m dyin’, starin’ out at Music City from my cab
         C                             F            G            C 
Kay, I’m livin’ yet I’m dyin’, starin’ out at Music City from my cab

Daryle Singletary ChordsDaryle Singletary Lyrics

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