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Silence In Me chords - Six Market Blvd.

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"Silence In Me"

Running On Seven


G C D C (X4)

         G       C           D  
Well now I sense something inside me 

   C           G
Is starting to change

     C               D
Like somethings been hiding

      C                G
Now I got something to say

      C   D               C           G
And I can see the day, no need to be afraid

 C        D              C
Im gonna hit the ground running.


Em                              C                 Em
The rain's coming down, and the lightning crashes loudly

   Em                                      D
Oh can you hear the sound, can you feel it now?


         G  C       D     C           G
And this silence in me is starting to break

          C                     D
Like this weight that I've been holding

          C        G
I feel it crumble away

    C             D           C         G
I release my inhibitions, let go of the reins

       C            D            C         G
I dont need another captain, I'm sailing away

Intro X4

Well now I sense something inside me
And its starting to change
Like something all along's been hiding
And I've got something to say
And I can see the day
No need to be afraid
Im gonna hit the ground running



Intro x4

Bridge (2)

Em    C(walkdown) X3, then...

Em    C(walkdown) D

Chorus - acapella for words, guitars come in 
 after "sailing away" and the "yeah's"...

*On the bridges and choruses, they do a little 
 walk-down on the A string when they go from C
 just like 3-2-Open...just listen, you'll know 
 what I mean


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