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Looks Like I Killed Again chords by Slackeye Slim

Slackeye Slim Chords

"Looks Like I Killed Again"
I shot a man this morning
Thought it was a dream
But when I woke up
Gun in my hand
Now the law is surely after me
But I don't know what I've done
            B7                  E 
So I better run to the promised land

Well, I grabbed a knife and held it tight
I stabbed straight through my heart
But I didn't die. Lord, I wonder why
B7                   E  B7 E
Musta been that evil dope.

I've been snortin' cocaine so god damn long
And the needle ain't a stranger to my right arm
Peyote it only makes me smile
Whiskey, make me love a w***e a good long while
I can't see the world through sober eyes
Without beggin' lord, "Please let me die."
That ol' marijuana opened a gate a mile wide,
       D#                   E 
Now it looks like I killed again.
I was headed for the border
But the law man knew I'd come
So i pulled my gun
I shot him down

Then I shot his horse and I stole his clothes
And a picture of his wife
And I walked right on
Down to Mexico

Then suddenly, I realized,
"Lord, what have I done?"
Price on my head, I'm wanted dead
  B7              E B7 E
Because I killed again

But I've been snortin' cocaine all damn day long
And the needle's just a-stuck in my right arm
One way to end this misery
I Could pray to the devil
"Come take me"
But I ain't gonna stand around and wait,
I'm gonna reach right out and grab my fate
I'll take my gunpowder
Cut me a line half a mile wide and snort it
      B7               E     B7 E 
Now I ain't gonna kill again

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