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Hwy 365 chords by SLACKWATER


Hwy. 365
Written by Mike Brust
Performed by SLACKWATER

D                                                    Cadd9
There’s a highway I travel all the time
             G                                          D
It’s got potholes and litter along the side
D                                                                          Cadd9
It runs parallel between the tracks and the interstate
            G                                      D
But I’d rather drive it even if I’m late

D                                                                Cadd9
Better watch out if you’re driving it late at night
                   G                                                             D
Cause the deer don’t care if you’re running a little behind
D                                                                                            Cadd9
The stray dogs and opossums will make you swerve every time
                  G                                    D
But I can’t help it, I love Highway 365.

                      G                                                                      D
Cause at the Mammoth Orange you get a heart attack in a sack
            G                                                                        D
And at Becky’s One Stop get your beer bait and some gas
            G                                                       D
If you keep on driving you cross that county line
             Cadd9                  G                D            
It’s got everything I need, Highway 365

D                                                                Cadd9
It aint got no shoulder, don’t pull off to the side
       G                                                               D
The low spots get flooded, they’ll take you by surprise
D                                                                  Cadd9
You’ll hydroplane from the deep ruts in the road
                  G                                         D
But there’s not another way I’d wanna go

            A                                   G             
Yeah it gets me to work and it gets me back home
              A                                     G 
Lets me clear my head while I’m driving alone
A                                   G
Wipers flapping or the sun beating down
Cadd9                                          D
Takes you from the country back in to town





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