My Girlfriend Might chords - Smokin Armadillos

            My Girlfriend Might
By The Smokin’ Armadillos

Five months ago you left me here without a single dime
       D                            A 
You’re doin fine and everything you own used to be mine
    D                                    G
You left me stuck with all the bills and you got all the land
  D                                 A           D
I think by now it's safe to say I'm not a happy man

I hear you’re livin up on the hill with some guy that drives a Porsche
And I'm still here in a beat up shack with a twenty year old horse
You stopped in here like we're good friends but I think you better go
I'm mad as hell but I'll hold back cause there's somethin you should know

I wouldn't hit ya, I ain't thatta way 
But I've said all that I'm gonna say
G So you better make tracks, you better get out of sight A F D Cause I wouldn't hit ya but my girlfriend might Fiddle Well I see you don't believe your ears but what I said is true She's a pretty little brown haired girl and she even cooks good too She's got a heart of gold and treats me right but if I were you I'd head On out of here cause she hates you and she wishes you was dead Chorus Chorus Tag: Oh yes she will