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Empty Saddles chords - Songs Of San Joaquin

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Empty Saddles Sheet music

Here is another cowboy movie tune from the mid 1930's; the song was written
by Billy Hill. This song was featured in the 1936 Bing Crosby movie "Rhythm
on the Range" with the "Sons on the Pioneers". The recording I have is from
the "Sons of the San Joaquin"'s CD "Songs of the Silver Screen".

Empty Saddles

N.C      Am           D7               Am    E7
There's something strange in the old corral
                 Am                     E7          Am    F7
There's a breeze, though the wind has died......
Am                D7          Am     Fm
Though I'm alone in the old corral
C                    Cm                   G7
Seems there is someone at my side
Am               D7               Am    E7
There is no smoke, still the fires burn
                  Am           E7       Am
There's no song, still I hear guitars
 Am            D7                Am     Fm
There is no dust, still the ghosts return
  C          Cm                       G    G7
Softly to vanish through the bars.....
 C        C7                F7
Empty saddles in the ol' corral.
C                   D7      Dm7
Where do ya ride tonight?
G          C                   C7
Are ya roundin' up the dogies?
        F                     Fm
The strays of long ago
       C                       G7   C  F  C
Are ya on the trail of buffalo?.........

C         C7                 F7
Empty saddles on the ol' corral.
C                  D7      Dm7
Where do ya ride tonight?
G                    C                   C7
.......Are there rustlers on the border?
        F           Fm
Or a band of Navajo?
            C                   G7      C F C
Are ya headin' for the Alamo?.........
Am                    Fm
Empty guns covered with rust,
where do ya talk tonight?
Ab                      Ab7
Empty boots covered with dust,
                                 Dm7 G7
 where do ya walk tonight?....
C             C7                 F7
Empty saddles in the old corral,
      C                     D7      Dm
my tears would be dried tonight.
G         C                   C7
If you only say I'm,
                F              Fm
 as you carry my old pal
                C               G           C  F  C
Empty saddles in the old corral............

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