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The Ballad Of Eddie Mullet chords - South Austin Jug Band

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                The Ballad Of Eddie Mullet
By The South Austin Jug Band
CD - Pickin and Grinnin

               D                                            A                   D   
Well my name is Eddie, people say I'm mean, I grew my first mullet when I was thirteen
                        G               D                      A    G                D
And it's a quarter past 2, I'm outside a bar, I gotta gun in my hand, I got a getaway car
            D                                         A                            D
Yeah, I got 2 boys, I name 'em Hank and Bleu, they're both seventeen, they got mullets, too
                    G                               D                        A    
Yeah, we'll hit the bar boys and when the lights get low, it's the same old routine, we get the 
money and go

Looks like I go thru life without a care, you've seen me at the Farm Aid, 
air shows and the county fair
We'll pull up slow out by the dock, well Hank take my pistol, 
go rob that ole bait shop
Well look at me and you'd never know I come from a 
trailer park with Meth and tornado
I hear 2 shots ring out and I see Hank run, his hands are 
filled some blood and money and a smokin' gun

Fiddle Solo

Well Hank's mullet ain't too long, it's a 5 and ten, 
he got it cut 9 months ago in the county pen
I remember the 1st time he ever got in a jam, 
At thirteen years old and smokin' Kools in a stolen Trans Am
Well,Hanks half brother Bleu his mom is from the ridge, 
Yeah he's got a rattail, it's a mullet hybrid
His momma's got a hairdo and it requires a spray, 
it's a perm French mullet and all the boys, they call it moullet

Guitar Solo

This'll be the last night I ever see my home, I just hopped in my Camaro 
I just wanted to buy me one of them new Goody combs
There was a roadblock up ahead, it turns out at the bait shop the owner ended up dead
Now there ain't no turnin' around, they're outside my door, 
I'm surrounded by 8, 9 cops, ten, hell there may be more
I know what went down if the descr i ptions fits ,well, 
they were lookin' for mullets and boys, I was in deep s**t

Mandolin Solo

In my jail cell the beds are cold, they just give baloney sandwiches
And never give me no chance of parole
And I know better aw, Hank and Blue
Yeah they're diggin' a tunnel and they're comin' after you know who

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