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God Song chords by South Texas Destroyers

South Texas Destroyers Chords

God Song
By South texas Destroyers

      A                    D       A
Lord, take me away to your special place
   A                          E
So I can receive some of your saving grace
           A                                 D                  A 
Cause I’ve been alone for so long now I just don’t know what to do
   D               A                 E               A
So now it’s time I think Lord that I put my trust in you

    A                         D                     A
For so long in my life I just felt like you weren’t there
   A                                E
To help me down this bumpy road, so I learned not to care
     A                                         D               A
If I lived or died, livin life through lies to help to see the light
      D            A          E                   A 
Cause all I want to do now is change the wrong to right

     D                                A
Lord take me by the hand, change this demon into a man
A                              E 
Cause I’ve tried it all alone, I don’t think I can
     A                                                 D                 A
So I need your light to guide me throught the night so I can survive the storm
  D                  A               E                   A
Unto your hands I commit my soul, so please God, take me home


Steel solo


South Texas Destroyers ChordsSouth Texas Destroyers Lyrics

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