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White Dove chords - Stanley Brothers

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                White Dove (Stanley Bros.) written by Carter Stanley
Valley Park, Mo 080408
Banjo tuned E, No Capo Key of D

VG note:  Live at McClure's  Album also has this song in Key of E

     D              G            D
In the deep rolling hills of old Virginia
               G                A
There's a place that I love so well
       D            G          D
Where I spent many days of my childhood
                    A7         D
In the cabin where we loved to dwell

               G         D
White dove will mourn in sorrow
               G            A
The willows will hang their heads
              G          D
I'll live my life in sorrow
                 A7         D
Since mother and daddy are dead

               G            D
We were all so happy there together
                G           A
In our peaceful little mountain home
                   A7             D
But the Savior needs angels up in heaven
                   A              D
Now they sing around the great white throne

               G               D
As the years roll by I often wonder
                     G       A
If we will all be together someday
                     G                  D
And each night as I wander through the graveyard
                       A7         D
Darkness finds me as I kneel to pray

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Stanley Brothers
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