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Charlotte's Web tabs - Statler Brothers

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                Charlotte’s Web (recorded key of F major)  -  The Statler Brothers (Smokey And The Bandit II)

*** CAPO 5 ***    *** lead, tenor, & harmony vocals are marked in parentheses above chords ***
                  *** keyboard and steel guitar riffs tabbed for guitar RELATIVE TO CAPO 5 ***

Instrumental 1 - keyboards                      Instrumental 2 - steel   Instrumental 3 - steel
   G A G~~  A G  A G~~   G A G~~  A G  A G~~      A  Bb A  Bb A  Bb~~      E F E F E F~~
e---------------------|---------------------|  e---------------------|  e---------------|
B---------------------|---------------------|  B--10b11r10b11r10b11~~|  B--5b6r5b6r5b6~~|
G---------------------|---------------------|  G---------------------|  G---------------|
D--5h7p5~~--7p5--7p5~~|--5h7p5~~--7p5--7p5~~|  D---------------------|  D---------------|
A---------------------|---------------------|  A---------------------|  A---------------|
E---------------------|---------------------|  E---------------------|  E---------------|

Instrumental 2 - keyboards
   A G A~~  G A  G A~~   G F G~~  F G  F G~~   A G A~~  G A  G A~~   G~  G F~  F E~  E D~  C~~

Instrumental 1 keyboards w/[C  Cmaj7  C] - 2 times

Verse 1
(             lead vocals              )
C          C/B       Am          Am7
Spend… the night… in Charlotte's bed…
(              lead vocals              )
    F         C         F           C    [Cmaj7  C]
You might get caught in Charlotte's web…
(     lead with tenor harmony     )
  F                  C
A satin rose… that's growin’ wild…
(           lead with tenor harmony           )
Dm                                      G      G7
Charlotte holds… more secrets… than the night…
Verse 2
(       lead with tenor harmony        )
She spins… and weaves… her magic spell…
(       lead with tenor harmony          )
Her body speaks… what… words cain't tell…
(       lead vocals        )
I'm a moth…  she's a flame…
(       lead vocals             )( 4 part harmony   )
In a town… that's all too quick…  to smear her name…
Chorus 1 (4 part harmony)
         C         F        C          F       C     [Cmaj7  C]
But I'll take… the likes of Charlotte… and her kind…
C          F           C                            Bb
Small town talk… don't matter now… that Charlotte's mine…
   F       Em         Dm    Dm7       Fm
It may be… true… that other men… have found her bed…
    G        F          Em         Dm          C
But I'm… the one… who's caught… in Charlotte's web…
Instrumental 2 keyboards & steel w/[C  Cmaj7  C] - 3 times
                                   [G  F  Em  Dm  C]

Verse 3
(       lead vocals                )
Charlotte… took me… late one night…
(       lead vocals              )
To a secret room… by candlelight…
(       lead with tenor harmony      )
She dealt the cards… and read my hand…
(       lead with tenor harmony          )
Said she hoped… that I… would understand…
Verse 4
(       lead with tenor harmony         )
She turned… two cards… up… face to face…
(       lead with tenor harmony               )
She said… "Two hearts have found their place…"
(       lead vocals          )
Now all the rest… is history…
(       lead vocals                       )
The future's full of Charlotte… lovin’ me…

Instrumental 3 steel 
Chorus 2 (4 part harmony)
And I'll take… the likes of Charlotte… and her kind…
Small town talk… don't matter now… that Charlotte's mine…
It may be… true… that other men… have found her bed…
But I'm… the one… who's caught… in Charlotte's web…
(                  4 part harmony                   )
   F       Em         Dm    Dm7       Fm
It may be… true… that other men… have found her bed…
(        4 part harmony        )(  lead vocals     )( 4 part harmony )
    G        F          Em         Dm          C
But I'm… the one… who's caught… in Charlotte's web… (Charlotte's web…)
(4 part harmony) \
C   Cmaj7   C     - {repeat 5 times to fadeout}
Charlotte's web… / 

Chord Chart (notes in parentheses are optional)
   Am   Am7  Bb   C   C/B Cmaj7  Dm  Dm7  Em   Fm    F    G    G7

      *** Dedicated to the memory of Lew DeWitt and his World Class Tenor voice ***


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