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Rider On The Rim chords - Red Steagall

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Heres another good Red Steagall song. I don't know what key he plays it in
but (A) was the only key I could make work and it seems to work pretty good.

(A) On the wagon last october was a (D) kid of seven (A) teen
A city kid from Dallas, wet behind the ears and (E) green
He (A) stepped out of the pages of a (D) western cata (A) log
and not the kind you'd pick to ride the (E) rivers and the (A) boggs

(D) The boss had throwed this kid and me together for the drive
(A) We took the outside circle, I was mad and full of (E) fight
(D) For it ain't no place for tender feet, cause where we had to go
(A) Up in the hills and badlands where the twisted cedars (E) grow

The (A) kid had drawed a snaky bronc, plum (D) full of dirty (A) tricks
And I'll give the kid his credit boys he stayed and took his (E) licks
Cause (A) everytime he got throwed off, (D) he'd step back on (A) again
And we wondered how much practicin this city (E) boy could (A) stand

(D) At the head of an arroyo where the tamarac grow tall
(A) I sent the kid a driftin north, to ride out Deadmans (E) draw
(D) The country's pretty open and the draw ain't very deep
(A) So I took Blackhole canyon, where the bluffs are high and (E) steep

It was (A) misty in the canyon, (A7) the light was sorta dim
(D) Thru the mist I saw a ghostly rider on the rim
 (E) He waved his hat and motioned to go back the way I come
(D) And when the mist had cleared away the ghostly form was (A) gone

(A) I turned my horse around, headed (D) back to Deadmans (A) draw
I knowed the kids in trouble I could  feel it in my (E) crawl
From (A) the trail of broken cedars and the (D) deep tracks in the (A) sand
The gray was usin all his tricks the (E) kid had made a (A) hand

(D) But up beneath a cutbank where the trail is slick and steep
(A) The gray lay thrashin on his side the kid lay (E) underneath
(D) His foot run thru the stirrup, holdin to the horses head
(A) He knew that if the gray got up he'd soon be drug to (E) death

The (A) kid was tired and gettin weak, the (D) horse was gainin (A) ground
I slipped my gutline round his neck, the kid got turned (E) around
So's (A) he was in the saddle when the (D)  horse got to his (A) feet
Then we rode out together but we (E) didn't hardly (A) speak

(D) A dozen times I've ridden out along the canyon rim
(A) There ain't no tracks and I ain't seen that ghostly form (E) again
(D) And I don't really care if you believe a word I say
(A) A cowboy guardian angel helped me save the kid that (E) day

It was (A) misty in the canyon, (A7) the light was kinda dim
(D) Thru the mist I saw a ghostly rider on the rim
(E) If I live to be a hundred I will not forget the day
(D) A cowboy guardian angel taught two punchers how to (A)
(Slowing)    How to pray......... How to (E) pray............... (A)

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