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Heart Hangs Heavy Tonight tabs by Stewart and Winfield

Stewart and Winfield Chords

Heart hangs heavy tonight
    G   D   C   D   intro (and you can play it through the verse if you want to)
e---3---2---0---2  |-----3-------2-3--0--------2-2|
b---3---3---1---3  |-----3-------3-3--1--------3-3| 
g---0---2---0---2  |-----0-------2-2--0--------2-2|
d---0---0---2---0  |-----0------0-----2-0h2p0-0---|  
a---2---x---3---x  |-----2-0h2p0--0-3-3---------0-|  
E---3---x---x---x  |---3-3------------------------|

C-D-G-Em  (walk down from the G,to F#,to the Em)
last verse play C and D           
when you are going back to the c after the Em walk it up like this
and at the end of the chorus you do the little walk up and you just play c to d 
and start the verse over again

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