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Golden Dreams chords - Syd Straw

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Syd Straw      Golden Dreams  written by Daniel Lanois
                                           Syd Straw

D                         G      D 
Together under a lonesome silver stars
D                     A
The silence spoke for us
     G     A        D    G
As I remember yes I remember
D    A      D
In a golden dream
D                             G                     D
In a golden dream there is a  veil of tears between us
A                           G   A
And many years  may keep us apart
        D                A       D
But I remmember you in a golden dream


D                       G      D
Now I'm alone under the silver stars
D                    A
And silence speaks to me
         G       A
Then you come to me 
     D    G     D   A    D
Very quitely in a golden dream
But I can't hold on to
       G        D
What I can not  see
And love's so far away
      G    A           D    G
But I remmener i still remmeber
D        A      D
You in a golden deam
         G       A       D   G
Then you come to me very quiely
D    A      D       G
In a golden dream 
D    A      D       
In a golden dream 

From Syd Straw "Surprise"
Virgin Records 1989
©1989 Strawsongs (BMI), (ASCAP)

Dave Alvin	      	Guitar (Electric)	
Ry Cooder	-          Guitar (Acoustic)	
Marshall Crenshaw-	Guitar (Acoustic)	
John Doe	-          VOCALS
Van Dyke Parks	-	Piano	
Syd Straw	           Vocals, Producer	
Richard Thompson-	Guitar (Electric)	
Bernie Worrell	-	Keyboards	
John Jorgenson	-	Guitar (Acoustic)	
Marc Ribot	-	     Guitar	
Chris Stamey	-	Bass	
Peter Blegvad	-	Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (12 String)	
Jorge Calderon	-	Bass	
Eric Ambel	          Guitar (Electric)	
Jim Keltner	-	Drums	
Sid Page    	-	Violin	
Bobbye Hall	-	Percussion	
Willie Aron	-	Guitar (Acoustic)	
Michael Blair	-	Drums	
Anton Fier 	-	Drums	
J.D. Foster	-	Bass	
David Grissom	-	Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)	
Jody Harris	-	Guitar (Electric)	
Peter Holsapple	-		
Matt Irving	-	Organ, Accordion	
Daniel Lanois	-	Producer	
Greg Leisz 	-	Guitar (Steel)	
Tony Levin 	-	Bass, Stick	
Jerry Marotta	-	Drums	
Davis McLarty	-	Drums	
Tommy Morgan	-	Harmonica	
Pino Palladino	-	Bass	
Michael Stipe	-	Vocals	
Benmont Tench	-	Piano	
Don Was         -    Bass
Neil Conte      -    Drums

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