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Resume Man chords - String Cheese Incident

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                Resume Man Intro 

E  :----------------|--3---------------------|----------------------|
B  :----------------|------------------------|1------1---1------1---|
G  :----------------|------------------------|----3----3-----3------|
D  :----------------|------0-2-0-3-0-2-0-0---|--2----------2------2-|
A  :----------------|----------------------2-|3----------3----------|
E  :----------0-1-2-|3-----------------------|----------------------|

E  :--3---------------------|------0---0-h2-----2---|
B  :------------------------|3---3---3------3-----3-|
G  :------------------------|--2--------------2-----|
D  :------0-2-0-3-0-2-0-0---|0----------------------|
A  :----------------------2-|-----------------------|
E  :3-----------------------|-----------------------|

E  :----------3---------|--3----------------|------------------|
B  :1-----1-----1---1---|-------------------|------------------|
G  :----3---3-----3-----|-------------------|------------7-----|
D  :--2---------------2-|------0-2-0-3-2-0--|----------7---7---|
A  :3-------------------|------------------2|--2-3-4-5-------5-|
E  :--------------------|3------------------|3-----------------|

E  :----------------------|
B  :----------------------|
G  :--------------0-------|
D  :---------0-h2---------|
A  :----0-h2--------------|
E  :3-3-------------------|

Well a funny thing happened at a gig the other day
When a man approached me with a resume’
G                                             D
And said 'if you need any help, then I’m your man.'
He said, 'I’ll work the door, I’ll load your gear
if you boys Get thirsty, I’ll go for beer,
G                                 D               G
and if it ever breaks down, I can Even fix your van'

When I asked the guy what he did for work
I saw a twinkle in his eye and he gave a little smirk
he said, 'I work right down the Road, I’ve got a melon stand.
Set up in a shady spot, I sell watermelon and a little good pot,
And last year I made *** near thirty grand.'

He said, 'I need a change and I love your sound,
I sure Would like to get out of this town
and dedicate my life to a Rock and roll band.
I’ve been a race car mechanic and a body guard,
I’m a CPA and I work real hard.
Come on and hire me on, I can see you boys need a hand.'

'You know I’ve done it all and been around
Had a lot of good jobs, seen a lot of rough towns.
I’d like to offer you my services for hire.
I was a cook in the army and I drove a jeep,
I had an Eighty acre ranch where I ran some sheep,
I sang bass in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.'


C                                  G
He’s a resume’ man, he’s a resume’ man.
G                                   D
If he can’t do it, I don’t know who can
C                               G
It says right here, he’s qualified
G                              D                   G
Fifty years on the job but the man is only forty-five.

But things started getting a little weird
When he stared at Mike and took a swig of beer,
And said, 'What’s with the lady, she really blows my
Well I know the man was qualified, he’d worked a
hundred Different jobs, done them all with pride but
he wasn’t exactly the Help we’d hope to find.


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Buy String Cheese Incident CD

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