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Gold And Green chords - Sugarland

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                (Capo on 3)

Intro.:  | (G)  | (Cm)  | (G)  | (Cm)  |

(G)Christmas trees and (Cm)window panes, (G)shimmerin' where (Cm)tinsel hangs
And the (Em)butter light of (D)candlesticks (C)chases snowflakes (D)off the bricks

The (G)postman is (Cm/G)shiverin' with (G)packages he's (Cm/G)deliverin'
(Em)Ribbons pulled and (D)try to hide, (C)wishes waitin' (D)warm inside

And (G)everythin' looks (C)better in (D)gold and (G)green (C) (D)
The (G)lights on the trees shinin' (Em)all through the city are the (C)prettiest I've ever (D)seen
And the (Am)world decides (D) to sleep (Am)safe tonight (D)

Inst.:  | (G)  | (C) (D) | (G)  | (G)  |

The (G)carolers they (Cm)sing noel, (G)silent night and (Cm)silver bells
And (Em)all around you (D)snow will fall like con-(C)fetti stars and (D)paper dolls

And (G)everythin' looks (C)better in (D)gold and (G)green (C) (D)
The (G)lights on the trees in the (Em)eyes of our children are the (C)prettiest I've ever (D)seen
And the (Am)world decides (D) to sleep (Am)safe tonight (D) | (G)  | (C) (D)

The (G)first no-(C)el, (D) the (G)angels did (C)say (D)
Was to (G)certain poor (C)shep-(D)herds in (G)fields where they (C)lay (D)

(G)Everythin' looks (C)better in (D)gold and green
(G)Everythin' looks (C)better in (D)gold and green
(G)Everythin' looks (C)better in (D)gold and green
(G)Everythin' looks (C)better in (D)gold and green
(G)Everythin' looks (C)better (D)
(G)Everythin' looks (C)better (D) | (G)

Sugarland ChordsSugarland Lyrics

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Buy Sugarland CD
Buy Sugarland CD

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