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Paint Your Name In Purple chords - Trent Summar

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Trent Summar
SONG:  "Paint Your Name In Purple"
ALBUM:  Trent Summar and the New Row Mob
Writers:  Trent Summar/Michael "Supe" Granda

(listen to actual song to get rhythm of intro and breaks)

Intro:  A D  A D   A   G A D    A D  A D   A   G A D

                     G         D
Since I was nine, I spent my time
            A          D
Outback in daddy's garage
                             G        D
Checkin' points and plugs, tires and lugs
                     A         D
Or learnin' 'bout a big block Dodge
                          G         D
Get her all tuned up for Saturday night
                 A     D
A coat of candy apple red
                                 G         D
Lord, it's gonna be tough, it's gonna be tight
                A      D
That's what my daddy said


       G  n.c.          C        G
Drive fast, turn left, head for home
      D                  A
I'll tell what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna paint your name in purple
        G           D
On the side of the door
                       A        D
And drive around and 'round for you

--Break->  A D  A D   A   G A D    A D  A D   A   G A D

                            G      D
You're a race track queen, mean machine
             A       D
Green light ready to go
                                    G      D
And you're the prettiest thing I've ever seen
              A        D
Blue ribbon, best of show
                                     G          D
I wanna ride around with ya for the rest of my life
                 A      D
Honey, don't you be no drag
                           G           D
One of these days I wanna make you my wife
            A             D
Givin' you the checkered flag

--Repeat Chorus

--Break->  A D  A D   A   G A D    A D  A D   A   G A D

--Repeat Chorus

                               G         D
Drive around and around and around and around
                  A        D
And around and around for you

--Outro:  A D  A D   A   G A D    A D  A D   A   G A  D

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Buy Summar Trent CD

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