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Silver Dollar chords by Teresa Brewer

Teresa Brewer Chords

Silver Dollar… Jack Palmer and Clarke Van Ness-1950

As sang by:  Teresa Brewer..(Also Clancy Hayes tho it is Tenor Banjo)
Tab-Chords by: bluerabbit10
March 8, 2005 Valley Park, Mo
Banjo tuned  gdgbd for Key of G or….. )

For the "Listen,Sound Byte,"  Banjo tuned to E, played Key D Capo 1(transpose chords below, i.e.
G= D, E7= B7 et cetera)

(G) You can throw a silver dollar  down to the (E7) ground
And it will (A7) roll…because it's round.
A (D7) woman never knows what a good man she's got…(G) until
She (C) turns him (D7) down…..So (G) listen to me my honey, 
(E7) Listen to me…I  (A7) want you to understand,
That (C) a silver dollar goes from (G) hand to (E7) hand, a (A7) woman
Goes from (G) man to (E7) man, in most (A7) cases, A woman goes from (D7) man to (G)man.

(D7) A (G) man without a (D7) woman, is like a ship without a (G) sail,
A (C) boat …with-out  a (G) a rudder, or a (A7) fish with-out a (D7) tail
A (G) man without a (D7) woman- is like a wreck upon the (G) sand,
There's only (C) one thing worse in the (G) uni- (E7)- verse--  that's a
(A7) woman (D7) without a (G) man…

….(A7) A woman (D7) without a (G) man.

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