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I Loved 'em Every One chords by T.G. Sheppard

T.G. Sheppard Chords

I Loved ‘Em Every One

Em 	 C 	 D 	 Em (repeat twice)

Em                              C
I’ve known some painted ladies, That sparkled in the light
D 	  	  	  	   Em
Country girls who loved the lover’s moon
Em                        C
Some I never really knew, Though I always wanted to
D                        Em
Some I only met once in a room.

Em                             C
Some said they liked my smile, Others of them stayed awhile
D                          Em
While others left me on the run
Em                 C
This the only way, Only way I have to say
D                 Em
M’mmm, I loved em everyone

Em                           C
Big little or short or tall, Wish I could have kept em all
D                Em
M’mmm, I loved em everyone
Em                                       C
I’d like to thank them for their charms, Holding me in their arms
D                       Em
And I hope they had some fun

Em   	 C 	 D 	 Em

Em                    C
Here’s to the lady’s, In saloons and living rooms
D                             Em
Summer night that lasted until dawn
Em                      C
Here’s to the memories, Everyone’s a part of me
D               Em
Ohhh, I loved em everyone

Chorus: repeat twice, then

Em 	 C 	 D 	 Em (repeat 4 times)

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