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Queen Maybelline chords - The Band Perry

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                Intro.:  |(F) |(C) |(G) |(G) |(F/G) |(C/G) |(G) |(G) |

(F) Maybelline just (C)turned fourteen didn't (G)get no birthday cake
(F) Case 91(C)73, she's a (G)custody of the state
She (F)tells everybody she looks (C) like her mama, 'cause she's (G)never seen her daddy's eyes
Just a (F)throw away baby from the (C)1980s, an-(G)other unwanted child, yeah

Inst.:  |(F) |(C/E) Yea yeah |(G) |(G) |

(F) Maybelline wears a (C)turquoise ring that was (G)found in her personal file
(F) She assumes it was (C)left as a clue that (G)she might some day find
An (F)aunt livin' in New (C)Mexico or an (G)uncle out in L.A.
(F) She knows they're out (C) there somewhere, 'cause she (G)sees them every day

When she (Am)flies (G) (Am) out of her (G)mind to a (Am)beautiful (G)place with (Am) sunny (G)skies
She's (Am) free (G) (Am) when she (G)dreams, (Am)she's (G)Queen (Am)Maybelline ---

(F) Maybelline's got a (C)polaroid of all the (G)different families
The (F)Howser's, Gimmon's, (C)Nicholson's, another (G)short term memory
She (F)never winds up (C)anywhere but they (G)don't ask her to leave
An in-(F)visible girl in a (C)cruel, cruel world (G)still can't find some peace

When she (Am)flies (G) (Am) out of her (G)mind to a (Am)beautiful (G)place with (Am) sunny (G)skies
She's (Am) free (G) (Am) when she (G)dreams, (Am)she's (G)Queen (Am)Maybel-(G)line

(F) She knows God don't make mistakes, (C/E) she believes there'll come a day
(Eb) When she'll finally finds her (D)place, yeah

Inst.:  |(Am) |(C) Yea yeah |(G) |(G) |(Am) |(C) |(G) |(D)

When she (Am)flies (G) (Am) out of her (G)mind to a (Am)beautiful (G)place with (Am) sunny (G)skies
She's (Am) free (G) (Am) when she (G)dreams, (Am)she's (G)Queen (Am)Maybel-(G)line

(Am)Free, (G) (Am) when she (G)dreams, (Am)she's (G)Queen (Am)Maybel-(G)line
(Am)Free, (G) (Am) when she (G)dreams, (Am)she's (G)Queen (Am)Maybelline ---

Inst.:  |(F) |(C/E) Hey yeah, |(G) |(G) |(F) |(C/E) hey yeah |(G) |(G) |

A little (F)Maybelline, a little (C)Maybelline, (G) yeah, |(G) |(F) |(C/E) hey yeah |(G) |(G) |

Outro.:  |(F) |(C/E) |(G) |(G) | x repeat to fade

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