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Daniel And The Sacred Harp chords

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  G                     D
Daniel, Daniel and the sacred harp,
  C                   G
Dancing through the clover.
  C             Bm
Daniel, Daniel would you mind,
D7            G
If I look it over.

    G                         C                    D7   G
I heard of this famous harp years ago  back in my home town
                               C                             D        Em
But I sure never thought old Daniel be the one to come and bring it around
 G              D            C                 G
Tell me Daniel how the harp came into your posession.
                     D                   C                  G
Are you one of the chosen few who will march in the procession?
C     Em

and Daniel said:
 G                     D               G          D
The sacred harp was handed down, from father unto son,
     C            Bm              Am           D7
And me not being related, I could never be the one. G D G D So I saved up all my silver, and took it to a man, C Bm Am G Who said he could deliver the harp, straight into my hand. Em A Three years I waited patiently, D C 'Till he returned with the harp from the sea of Galilee. Em A He said there is one more thing I must ask, D C But not of personal greed. Bm Am But I wouldn't listen I just grabbed the harp, D7 G And said take what you may need. G C D G Now Daniel looked quite satisfied, and the harp it seemed to glow. C D Em But the price that Daniel had really paid, he did not even know. G D7 Back to his brother he took his troubled mind. C G And he said dear brother I'm in a bind. D7 But the brother would not hear his tale, C G he said Old Daniel's gonna land in jail. G D So to his father Daniel did run, G D And he said oh father what have I done. C Bm Am His father said son you've given in, you know you won your harp, G But you lost in sin. Em A Then Daniel took the harp and went high on the hill, D C And he blew across the meadow like a whippoorwhill. Em A He played out his heart just the time to pass, D C G But as he looked to the ground, he noticed no shadow did he cast. Repeat Chorus

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