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The Flat Baritone chords - Gourds, The

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Gourds, The Sheet music
                       D        G        D
Form a ring and wind and twine
              G     D
Round the ol’ grape vine
E                          A
Heavy on the wire from the house
         D       G        D
Salt the cow and kill the calf
                  G          D
Meet yer lonesome once and a half
E                      A
Gentos on the east and ladies on the south

           G           D          A
The solemn boy carries his silver damage
         G        D              A
Sold but for, the number and the image

    A         E               D             G
His eyes have saddened making wine from the stems
A          E               D            G
Empty ears longing for the wood and the skins
      Bm                             A    A7
Paper yellowed from the salt and the failure

(Verse 2)
When he sings he slurs
& uses the meat of his thigh
To hold the book he wrote when he was lame
So wrapped up in his flat baritone
No castrato could woo him in from the rain

For he never raised his voice when his britches 
Was spillin’ over with that honey truck richness


(Verse 3)
Well the stylus hit the patches
As he spit on the splashes
& sought out the scratches in the vinyl
‘Neath a needle topped with nickels
To keep the tunes a goin’
Cracklin’, croonin’ and crowin’

Multi-coloured, hard-boiled & hidden
In the corners, with the dogs rusty remnants


Gourds, The ChordsGourds, The Lyrics

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