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If I Run chords

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            Intro: D f#m D f#m G
       D A bm G 2x

[ Verse 1 ]
D               f#m
My heart has arrived,
D                 f#m
Love lives in your eyes
And I need to know
What you see in mine.
D                        f#m
I've been shattered and healed
D                              f#m
Searching for something that's real,
              G                 D
Where do you stand? How do you feel?

     D                       A
If I run, will you run after me?
     bm                   G
If I walk, will you wait patiently?
     D                       A
If I fall, will you have sympathy? bm G If I run, if I run D Will you run after me? (D A bm G) [Verse 2] I've dreamed of a place, Of white satin and lace, Black on a tie, And cake 1stchords on my face, Wicker rocking chairs, Salt and peppered hair, When that day comes round Will you still be there? [Repeat Chorus] (D A bm G) [Repeat Chorus]

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